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Cutter dringend gesucht - urgently searching for EDITOR

UPDATE: This Side is out of Date - Please don't ask anymore!

Bereits am 8. August 2008 haben wir an dieser Stelle einen Hilferuf von Sonny Müller eingestellt, der für Edwin Brienen's "no budget" Produktion einen Kameramann suchte. Dieses Projekt ist bereits beendet worden, sodass auch der nachfolgende Aufruf keine Gültigkeit mehr hat. Außerdem gab es Beschwerden, weil die Arbeit nicht angemessen oder gar nicht bezahlt wurde. Deshalb bitte dort nicht mehr nach Jobs nachfragen.


Berlin, 2008


As we are urgently looking for an editor, we felt so free sending you this email. Hereby I send you some information about film director Edwin Brienen. After years of hard work (especially in the low-budget branche) resulting in 10 feature films so far, we’re proud to say Filmfreak Distribution recently released a DVD collection containing Brienen’s first 5 films for the whole Benelux, later this year followed by Monitorpop in Germany.

Edwin also make music videos; in the past he shot videos for artists such as Joachim Witt, Bunny Lake and Noblesse Oblige. For somewhere this week, we’re looking for an editor who likes to work with Edwin for a pretty stylish project: a music video for the Amsterdam band Ravage! Ravage. Hailed as the Nu-Rave generation, RR makes stylish electro-clash, and soon will release their debut single Last Night’s Party. The video has a creative Eighties-look, containing lots of smoke, shadows and gothic shots.

Edwin Brienen is a European, award-winning film director. His debut film Terrorama won several awards (best film, best leading actress) at international film festivals. He made 7 feature films in five years, and worked therefore with internationally acclaimed actors such as Jean-Louis Costes (Irreversible, Baise-Moi), Fassbinder regular Peter Kern, Laura Tonke, and recently Das Boot-actor Erwin Leder (leading role in Edwin’s latest film L’ Amour Toujours).

We're looking for an editor who believes in the impossible, and basically edits this particular music video in two, max. 3 days in Berlin. We work on a no/low-budget basis, so we cannot pay for your work. You probably get a lot of these requests (working for free is horrible, I know from experience) but maybe you like to give it a try. It’s always nice to meet new people, and for sure new, bigger projects come up the following year. We promise you a lot of creativity and lots of airplay on the European music channels, upcoming months. As a thank you, at least we could give you a copy of the Brienen DVD Box Set.

If you think you’re the right man/woman for this music video, and you’re not afraid of chaos and improvisation, please let us know as soon as possible. Because of deadlines, we have to do this as fast as possible. The material is shot as DV-cam on Mini-DV. We’re looking for an editor, preferably with his/her own editing equipment.

Here are two examples of music videos Edwin already directed:

You can check out Edwin's work at his official websites:

Ravage! Ravage! You’ll find at:

Kind regards,
Sonny Mueller
Ultra Vista prod., PR